Where Your Steps Fall Determines Your Outcome

Day 18

“Arise, O Lord! Confront and forestall them, cast them down! Deliver my life from the wicked by Your sword.”

– Psalm 17:13

As our steps are held closely to His paths, we can be sure that the Lord hears us when we call upon Him. He inclines His ear and hears our speech.  He keeps, guards, and hides us in His shadow from everything that rises up against us (Psalm 17:5-8). When we lift up a prayer for deliverance from what is besetting us, we can be sure that The Lord hears and moves on our behalf.

Sometimes what tries to beset us is inner turmoil: confusion, a lack of peace, weariness, or discouragement. At times, the emotional realm pitches a tent in our souls and manifests as sadness, anxiety, anger, etc. We all have also experienced external schemes of the enemy against us, coming in the form of a person, a specific plan of the enemy, an attack against our health, our finances, our property, or our family. With any of these things that try to enclose on the believer comes a declaration, a banner that we can hold up that says this ungodly thing cannot remain, because I am a citizen of heaven (Acts 22:25) and have rights purchased by the Blood of Jesus Christ!

We do not face attacks alone, but Almighty God is here in our midst, waiting for the extension of faith and confession of His Word, so that He can fight our battle for us. The Lord confronts and forestalls every demonic manifestation that tries to form against us. As those devices dissipate under the power of the Lord, we are people who stand for what is noble, and devise noble things on our righteous path (Isaiah 32:8). These noble plans are inspired by the Holy Spirit and bring about His plan and blessings over our lives. There is no room for wickedness when our steps hug and cling firmly to His paths!

Your sister in Christ,


Harvest Church