Beyond Harvest

Bringing the Gospel to the nations!

In November 2020, Harvest Church was given a tremendous opportunity. With the help of ministry teams in Pakistan, including a dedicated live translator,
Pastor Paul is able to preach directly to remote villages via Zoom calls, where the Gospel has reportedly never been heard.

April Zoom Call to Pakistan

In spite of our April meeting getting rained out halfway through, the ministry team still saw 129 salvations. Pakistan has a hunger for the Gospel!  

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December Zoom Call to Pakistan

God’s anointing is increasing. Our December meeting resulted in 112 souls saved and 98 miracle reports. Many different types of body pains were healed.

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November Zoom Call to Pakistan

The ministry team in Pakistan received 91 testimonies and 103 salvations from our November meeting. Many of those testimonies consisted of different kinds of body pains supernaturally removed. One man with heart problems was told he would need an operation, but the Lord healed him. When doctors performed a check-up,...

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