Overlooking the Harvest

Day 29

“And He said to them, The harvest indeed is abundant [there is much ripe grain], but the farmhands are few. Pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest..”

– Luke 10:2

How easy is it to get distracted in today’s world? From smart phones to computers to television and video games, we are constantly flooded with distractions.  It seems people barely interact with each other anymore, and are hardly aware of their surroundings due to these distractions.  Be honest with yourself; how many times have you been walking around, either at the mall or at school with your face in your phone, not even aware of who you are walking past?

Luke 10:2 tells us that there are many in the world in need of Jesus, but there is a very small amount of those who are working to show them the way to Him. We have something the world needs, but if we are not consciously looking for ways to share Jesus with people, they may miss out. Sometimes we may avoid the calling of Christ to share the gospel with others because we feel it may be difficult or may take too much of our time.

The distractions in our lives make it easier to accept the easy way out and avoid people. Luke 10:2 specifically says that not only is the harvest abundant, but it is ripe; meaning there are many that are lost but ready to receive Christ; they might just need a little push. I encourage you to be more aware of the distractions in your lives and to set them aside. These distractions may not be bad things, but ask God to help you use them in moderation. God saved us and wants to use us to bring more people into His kingdom. If we allow these distractions to overtake our lives, we may overlook the harvest God intended us to reap.

Stay Strong and Carry On,


Harvest Church