Choose Your Words Wisely

Day 05

Read: Proverbs 10:11, 13, 15, 18-20, 31-32

Throughout this 10th chapter of Proverbs, we read about our words. Eight times in one chapter we read something pertaining to our words.  This chapter teaches us how important the words are that we speak. We cannot hide what is in our hearts, because it is out of our hearts that our mouths speak.

Matthew 15:18 says, “…for out of a person’s heart the mouth speaks.”

Once words are spoken (or typed), you cannot take them back. What kinds of words are you speaking or typing to put out into the atmosphere? Are they “life-giving” to those around you, or are they hurtful and destructive? Choose your words wisely, because they carry the ability to bring life or death to everyone and everything around you!

Confession for today: “Holy Spirit, help my heart and my mouth to line up with Your Word and only speak life into every situation of my life. Help me keep my heart full of Godly things so my mouth only confesses good things.”

Seek Him first!


Harvest Church