Be Strong and Courageous

Day 14

“Be strong and confident and courageous…”

– Joshua 1:6

God is telling Joshua to be strong and courageous as he follows the commands given to him. Be strong; God was telling him this before Joshua started out in battle. Just as Joshua is encouraged to be strong and courageous in order to follow God’s commands, tasks, and assignments for him, we too need to be strong and courageous following what God has given us to do. The word strong here means to be courageous, to be firm, to conquer, to seize.

“Be strong” is a command from God to you as it was to Joshua, so that you don’t have to feel weak or unable, causing you to yield to the enemy in what you are facing today. Instead, you can stand firm footed and move forward with God’s instructions for you in courage and bravery! To be strong is to be infused with God’s supernatural strength and ability. You are empowered with a special touch of God’s strength today in your inner most being, so take that strength that God has provided and apply it to whatever you will face each day! As you face each test or challenge, face it with courage, knowing you are able to do all God has given for you to do this day!

What is it you are facing that you are using God’s command to be strong as you face it?

How is the Holy Spirit leading you to proceed with this challenge?

Walk with the King…