A Devotional for Others

Day 20

Let us take some time to look at scripture that can be a prayer for someone else. Our devotion and prayer time, even as we drive, work, clean, cook, etc. is a time to break chains off of people, a time to decree a miracle to take place. Remember, Jesus ministered to sinners that did not know Him. They received direct revelation, they were healed, their hearts were transformed and set free from the snares in which sin entangled them. So let’s agree together today. These are some scriptures that I have turned into confessions – a weapon we should use all the time!

“Lord I pray that those around me bound by chains of addiction, idolatry, and distraction would not spend their money on what is not bread and their earnings on what does not satisfy. Thank you that they hearken diligently to God and eat what is good, and their souls delight in profuse spiritual joy.”

– Isaiah 55:2

“I decree in the Name of Jesus that the blinders the enemy has placed on the people around me to prevent them from discerning the Truth would be removed! I hold and engage my ministry by the mercy of God and I handle the Word of God honestly in every setting. I pray for the lost and perishing that the gospel would not be obscured and hidden, but CLEAR, UNDERSTANDABLE, and ILLUMINATED to them!

– 2 Corinthians 4:1-4

“Lord I pray that they would flee from the love of money and from temptation that would lead them into foolish, useless things. I decree that they will not be plunged into ruin and destruction. I stand in the gap for them and call them sheep in your pasture, walking in the full knowledge of salvation! They aim at and pursue righteousness, love, faith (add to the measure they’ve been given Lord!), and gentleness of heart. Lord I thank you that you turn people’s hearts to You, exerting Your holy influence upon them.”

– 1 Timothy 6:9, 11; 2:4

“Thank you for our pastors and leaders. Thank You, Lord, that they work with the superhuman energy that You so mightily enkindle within them today.  Thank you that they are blessed in every area as they instruct the flock in wisdom (comprehensive insight into the wisdom and knowledge of God). It is YOU they preach and proclaim, and are refreshed in Jesus’ Name!”

– Colossians 1:28-29

Your sister in Christ,


Harvest Church