Your Guardian God

Day 22

“If I keep my eyes on God, I won’t trip over my own feet.”

– Psalms 25:15

“He won’t let you stumble; your Guardian God won’t fall asleep”

– Psalms 121:3

I remember growing up, I always had someone to look up to for guidance or as an image of who I should be. There are people in life that are trustworthy and seem to have things figured out, so we look to them as an example of godliness, or we see them and desire a life just like theirs. Maybe it’s the way they are with their spouse, the job that they have, or simply the way they carry themselves. Having a role model is a natural and important part of life. As I’ve gotten older, I realized that as important as role models are, they should not receive all of my focus. When we look to others constantly for guidance or affirmation, we can lose sight of who God created us to be. I love how the verse above says, “your Guardian God won’t fall asleep.” God is our guardian, which means He is our defender, protector, and keeper.

The other verse above says “If I keep my eyes on God, I won’t trip over my own feet.” We’ve all heard the phrase “watch where you’re going!” But Psalm 25:15 tells us the opposite. We need to keep our eyes on God because He is our Guardian God. He will defend us, guide us, protect and keep us. If our focus is on Him, we don’t have to worry about stumbling through life, making wrong choices and tripping over our own feet.

What does God being Your Guardian mean to you?

Find peace in His embrace,


Harvest Church