The Hare and the Tortoise

Day 11

“May [the Lord] grant you according to your heart’s desire and fulfill all your plans.”

– Psalms 20:4

We all know that God truly wants to make us successful, but it’s easy to forget that He wants to do so His way. When our plans fail and fall short of our expectations, it’s easy to get mad and say, “God, what the heck? My plans are noble and just. Your promises say I can have this! Why aren’t my plans succeeding?” But we must trust that God isn’t trying to slow us down, take away something we need, or diminish our desires. If we follow Satan’s plan, all three of those will happen. What looks like success at first will end in utter failure, or worse, a continual mirage of success. When the Word says, “God’s ways are higher than our ways,” it means that when we desire something, plan to obtain it, and strive to fulfill those plans, God’s plan always trumps ours in every way. His works go far beyond the realm of our own capability. So don’t be fooled, it’s the enemy whose goal is to slow us down to a crawl. God’s way is the way of acceleration.

Picture a fork in the road. One way is God’s path for you and you’re sitting there waiting for the entrance to that path to open up. The other path is Satan’s, the door of which has been sitting wide open before you this whole time. What you can’t see is, by the time you realize Satan’s road will cost more to travel than you thought, branches and vines have already started growing in behind you, making it much more difficult to reverse your misguided steps. The enemy wants us so burdened down with the consequences of sin that we progress like a tortoise, striving with all our might and getting hardly anywhere. Ever hear the story of the tortoise and the hare? Slow and steady wins the race, right? WRONG. We’re not supposed to be the tortoise. When we depend on the Holy Spirit inside of us, His power and wisdom makes us the hare. Satan is the tortoise who wants you slow so he can catch up to you.

…God’s plan always trumps ours in every way.

The Holy Spirit desires to supernaturally accelerate you and give you abundance in every area: spiritual growth, emotional strength and maturity, relationships, natural provisions, winning the lost, etc. As a result of His work in you, no temptation, no works of the devil, no discouragement, and no anxiety can ever catch up to you. The Lord desires for us to leave a blazing trail of fire behind us!

“In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

– Romans 8:37 (NIV)

Pursue your purpose in Him,

Anthony B.

Harvest Church