Day 08

“For the Lord your God is He who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory.”

– Deuteronomy 20:4

Additional Reading: 1 Samuel 17 (Bible Gateway)

We all like to do what is ‘comfortable.’ Being comfortable is often our daily goal, which can oftentimes make it dangerous. Comfortability is so subtle in its destruction. It makes us not willing to take risks, and may lull us into inaction and cause us to miss the God-things in life. When we step out in faith and put our trust in God, He does amazing things for us, but we have to choose to glorify God instead of staying in our comfort zone!

In 1 Samuel 17, the soldiers in Israel’s army were not as willing to take a risk. According to the rules of warfare in ancient Canaan, enemy commanders would often propose a “duel” between their two greatest fighters. The winner of the duel would secure the victory for their side, which eliminated needless bloodshed and loss of life. The rewards were great, but the Israelites were not willing to take the risk. They preferred the comfort of their camp, far away from the place they could die. Let’s take a look at how David responded compared to the soldiers:

David’s Response to Goliath:

David heard Goliath’s battle cry just once and immediately moved into action to seek to defeat him.
(1 Samuel 17:23, 37, 48)

David valued God’s honor and reputation above his own life. He knew the battle was the Lord’s.
(1 Samuel 17:26, 45–47)

David had experience of God delivering him from danger.
(1 Samuel 17:34–37)

He had learned to trust in God by stepping out of his comfort zone and allowing God to work in his situation. Secure in his knowledge of God’s protection, David ran unafraid into the battle zone.

The Soldiers’ Response to Goliath:

The soldiers of Israel had heard Goliath’s challenge for forty days.
(1 Samuel 17:16)

Comfort (safety) was of high value to the soldiers. They chose personal safety over the glory of God.
(1 Samuel 17:11, 16, 24)

The soldiers lived in fearful inaction, while Goliath actively and repeatedly issued his “usual defiance” against them and their God.They weren’t asked to step out of comfort once, but many times. Every time they were asked in the 40 days, they chose comfort over God’s Glory.

…we have to choose to glorify God instead of staying in our comfort zone!

Are you David or are you the Israelites? Are you stepping out in faith and trusting God, or are you “playing it safe” and staying in your camp?

Love and Nuggs,


Harvest Church