BETWEEN THE LINES a frontline devotional

Walk in Love…Easier Said Than Done

Day 10

“Therefore, be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”

– Ephesians 5:1-2

As we embark on another school year, we must remember to walk in love. As we walk through the halls of our schools and sit in classrooms or offices with many different types of people, we know our love will be tested daily. People might poke fun at us or things we believe in, or simply just not get along with you, but like the Bible says, “walk in Love,” no matter what. I can remember two examples of being straight up made fun of in high school because I wasn’t talking the way other kids were and I wasn’t hanging out after football games with the rest of the team on Friday nights. It pained me greatly at the time, but I never went home and wished bad things on them. Rather, I showed them the Love of Christ the next time we all got back together. They would eventually move on from their nasty remarks, and let’s be honest, they probably never remembered what they said that day that hurt me so much. As I showed Christ’s love to them I know I made a difference in the locker room. As you show God’s Love, expect lives to change around you! I was still friendly and funny with them and things got better. I didn’t start talking behind their back, gossiping about them and lowering myself to their level, but rather raised the bar of expectation and God got me through and situations began to change.

No matter what is going on at this point in your life, whether it be people poking fun, not getting along, or the simple fact that people are going to have off days around you, remember God wants us to show love! This Love will be a light in this dark world and one day, when these same people are hurting and downtrodden, guess where they will go to for help… you. So be ready for the SHIFT! Not only in the spirit but in the natural.

As you show God’s Love, expect lives to change around you!

Strive to be a life changer, Love those who are unlovable and bring peace to every situation today!

Confession for today: “God, help me to show your Love today! No matter what happens around me I want to show your Love… I declare peace over (names of people that are hard to love currently) and every situation around me … in Jesus Name!”

God is good… all the time… all the time…


Harvest Church