How to Pursue God

Day 12

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

– John 1:1

We tell you all the time: “Pursue God! Love the Lord! Have a relationship with Him!” But how in the world do you pursue someone that’s invisible? Well, a key ingredient to any relationship is communication, right? When we talk, the other person listens intently. Other people talk and we listen intently. When we have a close relationship with someone, we regularly “pursue” their friendship by asking them about themselves, almost as if we’re saying, “What is it that you really need to say today? What’s on your heart? What’s good? What’s bad?” Pursuing them means we’re seeking to know more about them, their inner thoughts and desires.

Keep those lines of communication open…

Conversation with God is somewhat different and in some ways the same. In my “Secrets of our Heart” devotional from two months back, I emphasized the importance of sharing our innermost thoughts with God and how He actually wants to hear them, even though He already knows them. God, too, has inner thoughts that He wants to share with us. Pursuing Him is actually quite simple, because reading the Word is pursuing God. It’s God talking to you. The Word is who God is and what He stands for. It’s God in action, God in love, God in discipline, God in mercy. The Word is what God would say in this situation and how He would personally deal with that one. The Word is God’s stage—His very own TV broadcast!

Do you need a good example of how to live your everyday life? Watch God in action on Bible TV (no, I’m not referring to some channel or website). Are you curious about who exactly this God is? READ the WORD and you’ll get to know Him better than any man could ever tell you, because the Word IS God! Reading the Word is letting God talk while you listen. Simple, right?

Then, when God sees that we’re pursuing Him, He’ll begin to speak to us directly, right into our spirit-man. It’s a powerful, life-changing moment when the Almighty speaks directly to you about your personal life. When the Holy Spirit responds to me, many times I fill half a page of notes, even though He only said a few words. His responses are like a good painting: the meaning is simple, but also deep and powerful, and one Word from God is worth more than a thousand from men. So start talking to God and listening to Him. Keep those lines of communication open so you can grow to a deeper level of fulfillment and satisfaction in Him!

Pursue your purpose in Him,

Anthony B.

Harvest Church