What’s Your Reflex?

Day 05

“The love of God controls, urges, impels and constrains us.”

– 2 Corinthians 5:14

Visiting Pastor Bill Wilson from Metro Ministries once asked, “What’s your reflex?” Not when things are going smoothly and life seems simple and easy, but when you are faced with a need from another person, or when opposition from someone else is coming against you. What determines our response? When challenged, our flesh might react in frustration, releasing hasty and hurtful words. We may also get discouraged and internalize what is going on without releasing it and covering it in the Blood. If we see a need, our flesh may decide it is easier to walk away and focus on something else, rather than to make the day more complicated or take up more of our time. Let’s break down this scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten His Word to us.

The word constrain, used in this scripture, means to force, like a plug and its source force electricity. A reflex can’t be stopped and can’t be controlled. It moves you toward something, it moves you away from something, and it keeps you in something. We need to stay plugged into our source, which is the Word of God, and it will empower our choices unto holiness.

Does God’s love have this force in your life? Is there a reflex of the fruit of the Spirit when we are faced with oppositional situations? Pray and seek the move of God’s love in your life. Lift up certain people and circumstances where God’s love-in-motion can be a reflex through you, ministering to others and you!

Confession for today: “Lord, thank You that Your love is the primary and only force in my life, urging me on to Kingdom living. You are sovereign and constant in me, and I submit my way, my words, my ideas, and my deeds to You. I yield myself over to the leading of Your love and power in my life, that it would keep me where I need to stay, take me away from what I should not be near, and move me toward more and more of You every day. I desire the constraint of Your love that sets me free in every area. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Your sister in Christ,