Snap the Trap!!!

Day 14

“. . . but when they measure themselves by one another and compare themselves with one another, they are without understanding.”

– 2 Corinthians 10:12

Additional reading: 1 Timothy 6:6

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “I want the phone they have,” or “I wish I could sing like they do,” or “I wish God made me tall like them so that I could be a great basketball player,” or “why can’t I be as funny as that person so people would be excited when I walk into a room?” At one time or another we have all fallen into similar types of “mind traps.” These are traps set up by the enemy to lead us into sin.

Comparison takes our focus off of who God made us to be…

The Bible describes comparing yourself to others as foolish, unwise, and lacking understanding. Comparison takes our focus off of who God made us to be and away from the gifts He has placed inside of us. Comparison will draw us into jealousy, envy, and discontentment. It will cause animosity in our hearts towards the other person and also stir up anger against God. If the enemy can get us to desire to be someone else, it will distract us from becoming the person God created us to be. It is a brilliant plan by our enemy. The trap of comparison stops us from developing into who God needs us to be. Comparison takes the joy out of how God made us and away from the good things He has given us.

We need to recognize when a trap is being set for us when it comes to comparing who we are to others. Know that you were fearfully and wonderfully made by God! He created you just the way you are in order to do the good works that He has destined for you to accomplish! Have a cheerful outlook as you see what other people possess, whether they are material gifts or spiritual gifts. Learning to be happy for others allows you to appreciate all that God has given you!

Walk with the King,


Harvest Church