Look Up

Day 17

“Think about Jesus.  He held on patiently while sinful men were doing evil things against Him.  Look at Jesus’ example so that you will not get tired and stop trying.”

– Hebrews 12:3

Additional reading: Isaiah 40:28-31

Satan tries to work tiredness into our lives through all of the pressures that surround us. Perhaps you have friends who have tried to pressure you into drinking or doing drugs or have tried to push you into an uncomfortable situation. Maybe you feel pressure to be someone you are not because of today’s culture or media and celebrity influences.

It’s this negative bombardment that allows tiredness to work its way into our lives. It tries to take your eyes off of God’s Word by forcing you to look down in defeat instead of looking up at Jesus. If you let that happen it will be harder for you to see yourself as the person God has created you to be! Don’t become tired and stop trying.

Jesus tells us in Mark 4 that when everyday worries and problems enter into our heart and minds, they will stop the Word and cause it to have no effect in our lives. Since our faith comes from God’s Word, that means our faith can become weakened if we allow ourselves to be cut off from its source. We have to make sure we don’t let that happen!

Ask yourself today, “Am I allowing my eyes to look at other things besides Jesus and the Word of God?” What can you do to stop this chain reaction? LOOK UP AND GET YOUR EYES BACK ON JESUS!

Confession for today: “I will keep my eyes on Jesus instead of the worries and problems that try to come against me. I will always think about what God has promised me in His Word and remind myself that God has a great future planned for me” (Jeremiah 29:11).

Stay connected,

Mr. George

Harvest Church