Living With Kingdom Intentions

Day 29

“For He who motivated and fitted Peter and worked effectively through him for the mission… motivated and fitted me and worked through me also for the mission to the Gentiles.” 

– Galatians 2:8

Let’s ask ourselves today, “Do I live with intention?” There are many unexpected things that can take place around us, and reacting without the Holy Spirit’s guidance is to be in a position that lacks Kingdom intention. To live with intent means:

To live firm, steadfast, fixed and directed.

To have attention sharply focused.

To be determined or resolved.

We need to be so resolved in our purpose that our actions and reactions illuminate God’s motivation and design in us. This is when people will start to have experiential knowledge of the power of God, just by knowing us. As the Lord did for Paul and Peter, He has motivated and fitted you for your God-given task!!  This scripture can resonate in each and every day, because we know that each dawning of the sun brings with it new grace for new tasks and challenges. Stay in divine alignment each and every morning, and allow the Lord to work effectively through you for your mission!

Do you lack motivation? Allow the Holy Spirit to be the SOURCE of your motivation. Videos, books, and people will not provide a constant source of motivation for your approach to your day. Leaning on anything other than the Holy Spirit to lead you into optimal function for your God-given mission, will leave you breathless and ineffectual.

Ask the Holy Spirit to bring revelation to you from this scripture, to embolden and ignite the flame in you to be motivated and fitted IN HIM, and write down what He shows you.

Your sister in Christ,