Don’t Look at the Storm

Day 24

“But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and beginning to sink, cried out ‘Lord save me.’ Immediately Jesus reached out His hand and caught him.

‘You of little faith,’ He said ‘why did you doubt?’”

– Matthew 14:30-31

If there’s a way for Satan to get your eyes off of God’s promises, he’ll take advantage of it. He’ll try to get you into a relationship with someone who does not serve the Lord, or try and convince you that your parents don’t love you. The enemy will do anything to get your eyes off of God’s promises. He knows that if he doesn’t, you will take those promises and beat his brains out with them!

If you read Matthew 14:22-23, you will read what happened when Peter first jumped out of the boat when Jesus said “Come.”

That’s right… Peter walked on the water without any problems, because his faith in the WORD Jesus spoke to him was rock solid!

Then Peter took his eyes off of the WORD. He started to look at the storm and think about the ‘impossible’ thing that he was doing. Peter started to focus on the circumstances instead of what Jesus said, and when he did, it caused his faith to slip and he began to sink.

Don’t let this happen to you. Once you get a promise from God’s Word, hang onto it. Satan will attempt to get you to let go of it. He will bring trouble all around you, but don’t let go of God’s promises! Don’t focus on anything else! Keep your eyes on God’s Word until it is inside of you and becomes more real to you than anything else.

Once you get a promise from God’s Word, hang onto it.

Confession for today: “I will not let go of God’s promises. I will keep my eyes focused on His Word. I will always allow His promises to be more real to me than anything that the enemy might bring my way.”

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