God, the Light Unto My Feet

Day 04

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

– Psalms 119:105

Ohhhhh… the future… the unknown… just ideas and dreams waiting to be pursued. When we think about the future it can be exciting and scary at the same time. We hope that everything goes as planned and that we make the right choices when big decisions come our way.  Thankfully, as believers we have an “in” because we know someone higher than us. It isn’t the dean of a school or the CEO of a company, but even better: it’s God and His Holy Spirit. They are here to help us in every decision that we make, from who to be friends with to what college to attend or what job to apply to. God’s Word, as we dive into it and spend time with our Helper, the Holy Spirit, will show us things and give us peace every step that we take.

I like the scripture above because when I think about walking in the dark, I think about walking slower and being more conscientious because of the “unknowns” that could be ahead of me. There may be steps or potholes that could trip me up, causing me to fall and injure myself. But when we walk with the Holy Spirit as the light unto our path, it should give us confidence that we will see the pitfalls of life before us, helping us to avoid potential falls. Let’s be honest, the road to our future isn’t always going to be straight or perfectly paved, therefore we need the light at our feet to sidestep and avoid those big “fall-downs” in life. God is waiting for you to initiate the process with the help of the Holy Spirit. Follow His calling even if it isn’t exactly what you think is best. God knows. His ways and His thoughts are way higher than our ways and our thoughts… remember that.

Are you making decisions about your future in the dark? Or are you walking with the Holy Spirit and taking His direction?

Confession for today: “Lord guide me in my future. Open doors that only You can open, and close doors that only You can close.”

God is good… all the time… all the time…