Be a Friend of God!

Day 06

“. . . and he (Abraham) was called God’s friend.” – James 2:23

We should all be striving to be called a friend of God. The word “friend” means: a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.

To be a friend of God you need to KNOW Him! You also need to know about His Word, which is His will.

Abraham is an example of a person who was obedient to God’s voice. He was credited with being righteous in the sight of God. Righteous living is the only way God will be able to call us friend. Keeping godly influences around us as much as possible will help us stay obedient to God’s Word and stay on target to pleasing God.

Your friendships and allegiances will decide:

· The path you will take.

· If you will win or lose the daily fight.

· What side of the war you will fight on.

· The outcome of your life.

To be a friend of God you need to KNOW Him!

Confession for today: “Lord, help me today to choose my friends based on godly character and not on popular beliefs. Holy Spirit, guide me toward relationships that will help me to grow in Your ways and not cause me to become stagnant in my walk with You. I want to be called a friend of God!”

Seek Him first!


Harvest Church