Don’t Run Ahead

Day 06

“Anyone who runs ahead of God and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ (who is not content with what he has been taught) does not have God…”

– 2 John 1:9

There are so many things in this world that could distract us out of the simple and profound Gospel of Jesus Christ. The charge to love one another as you love yourself, and to love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul and with all of our strength and mind (Luke 10:27) is one that is so clear, yet can and should affect every dimension of our lives. It requires a soul that is surrendered and submitted to the love of God in action both internally and externally. We are called to love ourselves before we can show God’s love to others. Do you love yourself?

From the launching pad of love, and seeing yourself as a son or daughter of the King, comes privilege. This privilege impacts us personally and relationally. From a place of spiritual privilege should come a committed and daily devotional life and the growth and usage of the fruit of the spirit in increasing measure, thereby enriching our God-given relationships and associations for God’s glory. So if your answer to the above question is a “no,” “I don’t think so,” or “not really,” it’s time to renew your mind with how God sees you. To omit this from your perspective is to run and remain outside of the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Open the Word and ask the Lord to speak to you about your value, uniqueness, and worth in the Kingdom and in your life in the here and now! The Holy Spirit said to me once, “no one else can play the song in the orchestra of life that I’ve written on your heart.”

With all of the input going on around us, we are always acquiring something. Today, let us attain a holy perspective of you! Remember, there is nothing to be gained outside of the Gospel. Sometimes our flesh wants to run ahead or outside of His vision and timing for our lives. Sit, wait, pray, and draw purpose and God-given direction out of the deep waters in you (Proverbs 20:5).

Your sister in Christ,


Harvest Church