Sin of Comparison

Day 25

“We do not compare ourselves with those who think they are good. They compare themselves with themselves. They decide what they think is good or bad and compare themselves with those ideas. They are foolish.”

– 2 Corinthians 10:12

The sin of comparison is the first sin that was committed and it is something we can fall into daily. This is when you look at another and compare what they have against what you have. Satan was the first to do it in heaven when he challenged God. Look what that got him! Eve was another one who listened to the enemy. She thought she could have more if she challenged God and ate of the fruit of the tree of good and evil. We must make sure we don’t do this as well and fall into the trap the enemy sets for us on a daily basis.

Take a second and think about your day. How and what did you think of about others around you? Did you think you were smarter than someone in class, or maybe you are better looking than someone else in school? Maybe you think you have more game than a teammate and should be playing more than you are. We live in a world today where people are constantly comparing what others are doing compared to themselves. This is not wise!

When we choose to go down the path of comparison, we start down a pathway of deception. We begin to judge by our own perspective, views, and opinions. Comparison is the first step towards insecurity and inferiority. The problem always starts when we take our eyes and focus off God and His Word. Remember today who you are in Jesus and who He is in you!!

Confession for today: “Holy Spirit help me stay focused on who I am in You so I don’t compare myself with what everyone else is doing around me.”

Seek Him First!


Harvest Church