Rock Climbing

Day 26

“This hope [this confident assurance] we have as an anchor of the soul [it cannot slip and it cannot break down under whatever pressure bears upon it]—a safe and steadfast hope that enters within the veil [of the heavenly temple, that most Holy Place in which the very presence of God dwells].”

– Hebrews 6:19

Rock climbing is an activity in which participants climb up, down, or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. The goal is to reach the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a usually pre-defined route without falling.

We can compare free soloing to living our life without heeding the Holy Spirit. Free solo climbing, also known as Soloing, is a form of free climbing and solo climbing where climbers perform alone and without using any ropes, harnesses, or other protective equipment. They rely entirely on their ability instead. Unlike in bouldering, soloists typically climb above safe heights, where a fall would always result in serious injury or death.

When we free solo, we ascend alone: without equipment, companions, or any secure protection. We depend on our own skill and capacity. We do it for the thrill of living on the edge with high risk. It is done despite the probability that in time we will fall and be seriously injured or lose our life. We are likely to face the challenges and temptations of life without the security of following the commandments of God, guided by the Holy Spirit.

When we choose to ignore the Holy Spirit, we are climbing above safe heights without any protection. We make our climb much harder than it needs to be. We don’t always reach the top. Everything that we know about and how to live with God comes from the Bible. Without it would be like trying to climb our mountains without any knowledge of what it entails.

In modern aid climbing, by contrast, the leader places tiny wedges, hooks, and other devices in cracks in the rock to use as anchor points. Having placed a piece of gear, he clips a short webbing ladder called an etrier to it and steps into it, using the ladder to gain enough height to place another piece of gear. He repeats this process until he has passed the difficult section or until he reaches the end of the pitch.

When we choose to heed the Holy Spirit, we are using aid climbing and trusting the Holy Spirit to be our Anchor. We can always use the Holy Spirit as an anchor because, like the Amplified says in Hebrews 6:19, , “it cannot slip and it cannot break down under whatever pressure bears upon it.” Sometimes the mountain of life seems impossible to climb. We must remember that the Holy Spirit makes overcoming possible. Nothing is too difficult for us with the power of God working in our lives. Romans 8:26 tells us that God’s Spirit helps us in our weaknesses. When we follow God’s plan, things work. When we don’t, things fall apart.

Love and Nuggs,


Harvest Church