Taking A Stand Against Strife

Day 16

“Starting a quarrel is like a leak in a dam. So stop the quarrel before a fight breaks out.”

– Proverbs 17:14

Throughout Scripture, God warns us about strife, yet it is still one of the most common issues among believers. We let strife into our homes, friendships, schools, youth groups… everywhere.

Hopefully we don’t do it on purpose, we just let it slip in a little bit at a time. We need to take a stand against those little opportunities for strife by understanding that this world, and the people in it (including ourselves) are not perfect. There are going to be folks who simply don’t like you and are not nice to you. And, there are people who will anger and bother you – on purpose or by accident.

Make up your mind that by God’s power you won’t let them get your peace. That peace keeps your body, mind, and relationships healthy.  It will put you in a place where God can guide your steps and save you from hard-hitting mistakes. If you are the kind of person that gets irritated and upset about every little thing, this can take a little time, (I should know, I am still a work in progress) but with God’s help you can do it.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you notice when strife tries to rear its ugly head, and overcome it one moment at a time. Then every time you start to get upset about something, stop the strife and say out loud, “Strife, I refuse to let you in. I am walking in the peace of God today!”

Are there issues in your life that you know are strife triggers that you need God’s help with?

Confession for today: “I refuse to walk in strife. I will let God’s peace rule in my heart and life.”


Miss Lois

Harvest Church