Running on Empty

Day 25

“For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

– Matthew 23:12

Additional reading: Philippians 2:5-8,9-11

Humility is a word that is used so frequently within our culture that we may lose grasp of its full meaning. You hear people described as humble all the time; usually these people have done something noteworthy in society. These humble individuals are actors, athletes, humanitarians, and musicians that seem normal despite their apparent greatness. The type of humility being described in Matthew goes much deeper than being considered “down to earth.”

Jesus gave us the best illustration of humility when He gave His life for us

“He emptied Himself despite the greatness in Him, to give us a full life, and to bring glory to God.”

– Philippians 2:7

Humility is more than being approachable, it is running on empty in our flesh so that God can fill up our Spirit. Contrary to what you may think, humility is not a lack of confidence. It is a purposeful attitude that rejects haughtiness (being full of yourself). When we follow the example of Jesus and empty ourselves in humility, pouring out all that we have in the presence of God, He is able to lift us up according to His will.  God’s plan is that we stand confident, not in our own strength and abilities, but in His power and might. So today, take some time to empty yourself before the Lord in humility, and allow Him to give you His confidence in exchange for your pride.

…humility is not a lack of confidence

Is there an area in your life that produces a haughty attitude? If so, what should you do to change that?

Confession for today: “Lord, today I ask You to help me humble myself before You. I know that Your plan for me is greater than anything I could ever imagine. I want all that You have for me and I don’t want my attitude to hold back Your blessing. Give me Your confidence in exchange for my pride.”

Find peace in His embrace,


Harvest Church