Pull Back the Curtains

Photo by Minseok Ian Kwak on Unsplash

The enemy would like nothing more than to keep our spiritual eyes from seeing God’s purpose for our lives. Last Friday we talked about pulling back the curtains from our eyes so we can see God’s plan and purpose for our lives.  The enemy wants to stop us from seeing God’s plan for us, because he knows it will ignite our faith to pursue Him with all we are!  Below you will find the two confessions we gave you to speak over yourself as you pulled opened the curtains to see what God has waiting for you.  Remember, God’s purpose for you is waiting just past the veil that the enemy is trying to keep in front of your eyes. Keep these confessions handy on your phone or print them out so you can continue to speak words of life over your purpose and future on a daily basis.

“Father, I thank You that the Holy Spirit is the Revealer of truth. He will lead and guide me into all truth and show me things to come. I thank You that I never need to worry or even wonder about what You want me to do in any area of my life. If I ask You for wisdom and open my heart to hear, the Holy Spirit will make Your will clear to me. I praise You for Your wonderful plan and for helping me fulfill my part in it for Your glory!”

“I confess that the Lord guides me continually by His Spirit within me. I trust in the Lord with all my heart and don’t lean on my own understanding. In all my ways I acknowledge His wisdom and His presence, and He meticulously directs my steps to follow the good path He has prepared for me!”