God is Love

Day 26

“And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.”

– 1 John 4:16

More than anything God wants us to know just how much He loves us. We have all read and heard about God’s love but I don’t think many of us have really believed how much He really loves us. If we did, it would totally change everything about us and everything around us.

It’s that love that caused Jesus to lay down His life for us and to go through all the pain, weakness, and suffering in our place. It’s that love that says (even to those who think themselves so unworthy) “Come to Me and get what you need. Don’t be shy about it. I’ve been there and felt what you are feeling. I’ve already taken this all for YOU. Come to Me and receive all the help you will ever need.”

GOD IS IN LOVE WITH YOU! So in love, He has given you everything He has! He’s given you all the health, wisdom, prosperity, and strength that you will ever need. He gave His precious Son Jesus to take all that He did on the cross for us!

“But what about all the terrible stuff I have done?” you might ask.  That is what His compassion is all about! It has taken care of your past and covered every sin and failure you have ever had. All you have to do now is accept His love.

Think about 1 John 4:16 over and over. Say it to yourself again and again. Once it gets down into your heart you’ll never be the same again!

Confession for today: “Thank You Father for sending Your precious Son Jesus to die in my place so I can have Your perfected Love in my Life. I know and I believe the love you have for me!”


Miss Lois