7th - 12th Grade


"...taking it by FORCE." -Matt. 11:12

Fridays, 7 - 10pm

Friday nights will resume September 11th!

Training up young people to stand boldly on the FRONT LINE of their generation.

BETWEEN THE LINES a frontline daily devotional Start now
  • Last Friday we talked about God's love being an anchor in our lives. I John 4:18 tells us that God's perfect love casts out all
  • Frontline it is Friday !!! Tonight we will talk about how God’s love is an anchor for our lives. The experience of God’s love begins
  • Hello Frontline it’s Friday !! Here is an encouragement from Bre taken from her message for you tonight: When we look to God as our
  • Let’s get back to basics and let our very relationship with God be our anchor. Matthew 6:33 “But first and most importantly seek (aim at,
  • In the middle of difficult or uncomfortable circumstances, we have to fight hard to remember the promises in God's Word. Sometimes it's like our difficulties
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Advance 2020 Worship

  1. Weight of Glory The Harvest Worship Team 4:29
  2. So Will I The Harvest Worship Team 4:52
  3. Those Who Know Your Name The Harvest Worship Team 6:20
  4. Cover Me The Harvest Worship Team 8:20
  5. Psalm 91 The Harvest Worship Team 6:07

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