7th - 12th Grade


"...taking it by FORCE." -Matt. 11:12

Fridays, 7 - 10pm

Friday nights will resume in the fall.

× Friday night Youth Group has ended for the summer. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events in the box below.

Training up young people to stand boldly on the FRONT LINE of their generation.

  • We have comfort and confidence as we trust in “The One” who knows our tomorrow! Even if your future looks cloudy to you now. You
  • You are an overcomer through Jesus !!  #frontlineyouthministry 
  • Check out this quick video from Friday night! “That overcoming power resides in you! Making you an overcomer!”  #frontlineyouthministry 
  • Join us at 7:30 live !! We are taking about how to “tip the scales” and gain the greater weight of glory!! Trials
  • Loss
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  Just a Note


Advance 2019 Worship

  1. Lead Me The Harvest Worship Team 6:58
  2. Anchor The Harvest Worship Team 3:48
  3. Rise Up The Harvest Worship Team 5:26
  4. Secret Place The Harvest Worship Team 4:14
  5. Your Love The Harvest Worship Team 9:09

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