7th - 12th Grade


"...taking it by FORCE." -Matt. 11:12

Fridays, 7 - 10pm

× All public gatherings and youth events have been suspended until further notice.
× Our Friday night youth live stream for April 3rd will begin at 7:30pm (7th - 12th grade)! Click here to view the live stream on YouTube.

Training up young people to stand boldly on the FRONT LINE of their generation.

  • In perilous times you shine!!This is what church looks like with out you .... we miss you  #frontlineyouthministry 
  • You heard Amanda Frontline tonight live 7:30 !!  #frontlineyouthministry 
  • Psalms 57:1 says “for my soul takes refuge and finds shelter and confidence in You; yes in the shadow of Your wings will I take
  • We have been washing & disinfecting our hands,now let's disinfect our fear thoughts with the Word of God. There is no what if this happens,what
  • You were put here for this time. God knew about this very second, minute and hour BEFORE the foundation was formed and He specifically picked
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  Just a Note


Advance 2019 Worship

  1. Lead Me The Harvest Worship Team 6:58
  2. Anchor The Harvest Worship Team 3:48
  3. Rise Up The Harvest Worship Team 5:26
  4. Secret Place The Harvest Worship Team 4:14
  5. Your Love The Harvest Worship Team 9:09

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