Eternity = Messiah(Christ)^2

It’s Advance week and I hope you are all excited and ready to have an awesome time in the presence of God and see Him do amazing things this weekend!  You can still sign up if you have not already as the deadline will be Wednesday, September 18th.  Get us those permission slips so you can be a part of the Advance this year!  Also the Advance worship has been uploaded on the website so make sure you start listening to this anointed music that was written especially for you!

Friday night we talked about how God’s Word can be proven in the spiritual realm just like proofs in mathematics. In the same way math proofs are always true and cannot be denied or proven wrong, so is God’s Word true to perform what He has promised to perform.  We must understand that if we apply God’s commands to our life daily we will see His promises come true in our lives on a daily basis. Joshua 21:45 says,

“Not one of the good promises which the LORD had made to the house of Israel failed; all came to pass.”

Hold fast to the fact that all of God’s promises to us from His Word will come to pass and none of His Word ever comes back void in our lives.