Keep the Word Central

Day 06

“…who set aside the Word of God, thereby depriving it of force, authority and making it to no effect.”

– Matthew 15:6

The words “force” and “authority” stood out to me in this scripture when I read it the other day. I have been all the more aware of the moments when the enemy might distract me to the point where I consider the mighty nature of the Word of God as secondary to what my five senses are perceiving. A definition of aside is, “away from one’s thoughts or consideration, or away from some position or direction.” The Word is the most powerful tool that we have as believers to utilize. It is a sword to wield, a declaration, a battle cry, and in Psalms it says the Lord has exalted it above His Name. Let this be a call today to you and I to keep the Word in its rightful place in our every moment: central in our hearts, minds, and on our lips.

Regardless of what we are facing, the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, has a precise mark to hit as we speak it.

The Word is the most powerful tool that we have…It is a sword to wield, a declaration, a battle cry…

As we exercise use of the Word in faith, it has great force against any adversary. Force is defined as “strength or power exerted on an object.” We can exert force against and upon every situation, and not be steamrolled by circumstance. I am so thankful today that the battle is not ours and the solution is not ours to discover. The Lord gives us wisdom to act, to speak and to respond, but this has nothing to do with our flesh and everything to do with His Spirit leading us. When we confess the Word, we apply a force, the same force that created the universe, to our situation. Authority is defined as “the power to determine and settle issues and disputes; the right to control and command.” The authority we have been given is the same that Jesus had when He walked on earth! It is the power to settle and command in the Name of Jesus and according to His will.

Be encouraged today to keep central the Word of God, so it can have its mighty effect in your life. Others will see and experience the nature of the force and authority that the Living Word of God has!

Your sister in Christ,


Harvest Church