Think, Think, Think

Day 01

“Consider well the path of your feet and let all your ways be established and ordered right.”

– Proverbs 4:26

Today, let’s look at the word consider. Consider means to think carefully about, or especially, in order to make a decision. Wisdom is telling us that we should think carefully about the path we are on as we have decisions to make along the way. How do you consider your day? Do you think about your day and what points of vulnerability may be on your pathway? Points of vulnerability are areas that the enemy may be waiting to send a temptation or a hindrance to trip you up along your daily path. The great thing is that you can pray about situations that will arise before you get to them along your path.  Maybe a teammate has been antagonizing you and you have been tempted to respond in anger. Maybe there is a test that you are studying for on a subject that is a challenge, and the temptation is to be anxious while you are studying. Another thing we learn from this verse is that we can determine what parts of our path can be ordered and made right. As you consider your steps, pray about the day before you start out so you can avoid confusion and pitfalls and be ready for any obstacles that may be in your way.

Think about what you know is ahead for your day and pray about it before you get to that point. Consider the day, pray about it, and as you pray and speak the Word over your day, it is as if you are laying down pavement to walk on a smooth road. When you do this, you will be ready for whatever is ahead of you on your path each day!!

As you consider your day, what can you pray about specifically?

Walk with the King…