The Prodigal Son

Day 26

“A calm and peaceful and tranquil heart is life and health to the body, But passion and envy are like rottenness to the bones.”

– Proverbs 14:30

We all know the story of the Prodigal Son. The younger son takes his inheritance early. After squandering it all on “wild living,”  he takes a job feeding pigs, eventually longing to eat the pig food himself. The son suddenly remembers his dad and plans to go home to ask for forgiveness and mercy. The father, who has been watching and waiting, receives his son back with open arms of compassion. Meanwhile, the older son boils in anger when he comes in from working the fields to discover a party with music and dancing to celebrate his younger brother’s return.

The story often focuses on the younger son and how heaven celebrates with joy when the lost are found. How many of us don’t identify with the younger son, but the older one who stayed? We often feel jealous or slighted when our actions aren’t acknowledged or celebrated. We want the same celebration as the one who left, all because we stayed. One thing we fail to notice about the older son is his corrupt heart. His heart is characterized by anger, envy, self-righteousness, contempt, and pettiness. The older brother even goes as far as to refuse to attend the celebration or even go in his father’s house. Since the older brother refuses to go into the house, he is excluded from everything that his father has to offer. He’s missing out on what is rightfully his because he’s in his feelings.

Jealousy is as old as time and, oftentimes, it involves wants rather than needs. When we are too busy looking at how God is dealing with others, we miss out on what God has for us. God has more than enough for us as well as everyone else. What God has in mind for you isn’t the same as for someone else. You don’t have to feel bad that you don’t have all the qualities, features, money, or anything else that someone else has.

When we are too busy looking at how God is dealing with others, we miss out on what God has for us.

As you go through your week, ask yourself, “Am I missing out on what God has for me because I’m focused on what He’s done for other people?”

Love and Nuggs,


Harvest Church