Major in Mercy

Day 27

“Then Moses said, ‘Now show me your glory.’”

-Exodus 33:18

What would you say is the most outstanding and most important characteristic about God? You can find the answer in Exodus 33, where Moses is asking God to show him His Glory. The word “Glory” can be translated as “heavy weight.”  It refers to the heaviest, biggest thing about someone. It’s the totality of their worth. So what Moses was actually saying was, “Lord, I want to see the biggest thing about you. I want to know Your greatest attributes.” What did God say in response?

“The Lord passed in front of Moses and said, ‘I am the Lord. The Lord is a God who shows mercy and is kind. The Lord does not become angry quickly. The Lord has great love and faithfulness. The Lord is kind to thousands of people. The Lord forgives people for wrong and sin…”
– Exodus 34:6-7 (ICB)

Just think about that! When Moses asked God to show him the most important thing about Himself, God showed him His mercy. That means, if you and I are to imitate God (Ephesians 5:1), we must major in mercy also. Mercy, goodness, forgiveness, and compassion must mark our behavior above all else. When someone talks behind your back or gossips about you, you must major in mercy and forgive them immediately. When you see someone who is picked on, you must major in mercy and lift them up instead of putting them down. When you major in mercy, others will see God’s Glory in you!

Confession for today: “I imitate God. His mercy, goodness, forgiveness and compassion mark my life.” (Exodus 33:18)

Don’t forget…Have what you say, rather than saying what you have!

Have a blessed day!!


Miss Lois

Harvest Church