Borderline Believer or Faithful Follower

Day 14

“Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

– John 8:12

Warren Wiersbe states in “Be Strong” that, “A Borderline Believer is a believer who compromises with the world, is complacent, and has a half-hearted commitment to the Lord.”  Have you experienced a time when you truly want to be a faithful believer but can’t seem to follow through with being Christ-like? Maybe you feel like you are a borderline believer. The Good news is, this can change! You can be a Faithful Follower of Christ today and from now on. A Faithful Follower of Christ is a Christian with no compromise in their walk, someone who is fully committed and actively working out their salvation. This is a choice we each need to make because we can’t succeed as believers if we are unstable in our commitment, double minded, or uncertain in our hearts. It is when we are fixed and determined in our hearts that we will follow Jesus wholeheartedly in every step we take. It starts in our hearts and is a pre-set to each day. Preset your mind by declaring, “I will follow after the Lord today. I will walk in step with the Holy Spirit with each step I take…” We can start with utilizing the Word as a guideline on how to be a Faithful Follower. Make the Ten Comments into a confession to keep as a guard over your thoughts and the intents of your heart:

I will love God with all I am.

I bow my heart to God alone.

No curses will come out of my mouth, and I will honor His name in all I say.

I set aside God’s day to worship Him and serve and learn of Him.

I will respect, honor and obey my parents each day.

I will speak life to those around me.

I am kind, honorable and trustworthy.

True to my first love I will stay.

Today I will be happy and grateful for all I have.

As you do this you will move from a Borderline Believer to a Faithful Follower!!

Walk with the King…


Harvest Church