A Tender Heart

Day 03

“A man who remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed – without remedy.”

  – Proverbs 29:1

I read a powerful article the other day and decided to share it because I believe it will be very enlightening to you!

“Some people, young and old, have the idea that when the Holy Spirit gives them direction, they can ignore it for a while if they want, then obey Him later when they are good and ready. They think, ‘Hey, I know what I am doing is wrong, but I will just do it a little longer, and then straighten things out with God.’”

Let me warn you: that is an extremely dangerous thing to do. God says that when you refuse to listen to Him, your heart grows hard.  It’s not that God’s compassion isn’t there for you anymore and it’s not that He won’t forgive you if you turn to Him for forgiveness. It’s just that sin will block your heart to the point where you can’t hear Him calling. That’s what happened to the Israelites. God was trying to bring them into the Promised Land, but they stubbornly refused to do what He told them to do. They thought they had good reasons and, being full of fear and unbelief, they thought they would be destroyed.

It doesn’t matter how good your reasons are for disobeying God. Disobedience will still hurt you and it will still harden your heart. The Israelites were eventually sent into the wilderness. God couldn’t lead them into all the good things He had planned for them because they ignored His leading. He had to just let them wander around until all but two of them had died. God had to raise up a whole new generation of tenderhearted people before He could take them into the Promised Land! In the end, it took 40 years to take what should have been an 11 day trip.

The lesson is: don’t play around with sin. When God tells you what you need to do, don’t put Him off thinking it will be easier to do it later…IT WON’T BE. It will be HARDER.

When the Holy Spirit comes to correct you, follow His instructions and follow them quickly. Keep your heart tender. Obey God!

When God tells you what you need to do, don’t put Him off thinking it will be easier to do it later.

Confession for today: “I will quickly follow the Holy Spirit’s instructions when He corrects me. As I obey Him, God’s blessings come to me!”

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