The God Who Fulfills

Day 10

And Jesus replied, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to Me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in Me will never be thirsty.”

– John 6:35

A term that comes to mind when I see the struggle of this world is that the world is unfulfilled. Unfulfilled is defined as: not carried out or brought to completion. This is what the world feels, they never feel complete. Maybe some of you at times feel the same way. I am here to let you know that through God you can feel complete and fulfilled to the utmost and over flowing! Think about what makes up the word fulfilled – which is what we should be in Christ. Filled is the key word within fulfilled. God wants nothing more than you to be filled with His power, love, joy, and peace each day! When we are filled with God, we can become fulfilled in life! Think of it like this, most of us have been in cars and know when the gas light comes on it is a warning sign that we need to fill the car up. But there are people who like to challenge the accuracy of this light! Think of this car as your spiritual life, and the gas tank as your fulfillment. How many times has God wanted to fill and fulfill you during the day and we ignore the warning signs; that we are running on spiritual fumes and eventually will trip up, slip, maybe fall and make mistakes? Even worse, because of you running on fumes you feel the anxiety and worry of the world of not being fulfilled. This occurred because we chose not to heed the warning signs that we are running on fumes spiritually.

How many of us live each day on fumes, just skimming by and barely being fully fulfilled by God? We let work, family, school and the business of life slowly crowd out our time with God. When we run low on spiritual fumes, our sinful desperate nature will entice us to fill up with things that will never fulfill us. Figuratively, it’s like filling our gas tank with water or soda instead of car fuel. When we read the Word of God and spend time with Him each day, this keeps our tank filled and our life fulfilled. God will over flow our hearts and souls with the right fuel, and when we are fueled up we are ready for our mission. When we fulfill that mission, we find completion. Heed spiritual warning signs and fill your tank daily! Make sure you are continually filling up with God each day, He wants nothing more than to fill you and fulfill you in life! Not to mention it is a great feeling driving around with a full tank of gas!

God is good… all the time… all the time…


Harvest Church