Change Your Perspective

Day 02

“I was glad when they said unto me, ‘Let us go to the House of the Lord.’”

– Psalm 122:1

When you wake up on a Sunday morning, what is your attitude about coming to church? When we’ve had a busy week, we sometimes look at going to church on a Sunday morning as just another place we are obligated to be in our busy lives. If church seems like a chore, we need to change our perspective. We have to remember that Sunday is the FIRST day of the week, not the last. That means if we start our week by coming to God’s House on Sunday to worship Him and hear the Word through our Pastor, our spirit will be built up and we will receive wisdom from God for the week ahead. When we start our week by sowing our tithes, our finances will be blessed and the devourer will be rebuked for our sake. When we start our week by taking the opportunity to sow encouragement to others in our church family, we position ourselves to reap a harvest of encouragement in our own lives as we need it.

God will always bless us when we acknowledge Him and put Him first. Don’t miss the opportunity to start your week by coming to God’s House. When you really think about how precious it is to start your week by putting God first, you’ll have the same attitude that David had.  You’ll be glad when they say, “it’s time for church!”

Be salt and light,

Miss Dawn

Harvest Church