Patience in Daily Challenges

Point #4 from the Summer Plan, verse 12a: Be hopeful and patient through the storms. We know that the enemy is going to bring trials and tests our way every day. We must hold on to hope with patience that by the help of the Holy Spirit we will make it through them all.

We have to understand that we face battles each day. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but the great hope that we have is we know we’ve already won the war!  We are guaranteed victory over the enemy because of the blood Jesus shed on the cross.  When these storms arise in our lives we must hold onto the hope of Christ with patient endurance knowing that we will see the final victory take place over the enemy.  Through the help of the Holy Spirit we can be more than conquerors, so never let go of the hope we have in Jesus and all He has done for us. Know that we can get through all the storms of life with victory!