Love God, Hate Sin

On the last night of youth we talked about following a summer plan to keep our lives on fire for God, using Romans 12:9-12 as a foundation.

Let’s start with verse 9: love God and hate sin! We must make sure that everything we do brings glory to God. If we would take a step back and think about each action before we do, say or type anything, it will help us stay focused on only bringing glory to God in all we do. Get into the habit of asking yourself this question before you react: “Does this bring Glory to God?” Just by taking this approach you will find that this will keep everything you do glorifying God more and separate you from the enemy and sin.

When we love God and hate what is evil in every area of our lives it always causes us to bring glory and honor to God first. We know that if we seek Him first He always adds unto us all we need in our lives.  By loving God with all our heart, soul, and mind and turning our back on sin, we know that God will be pleased with us and in return He will continually pour out His blessing upon our lives.