Let God Lead

Even though it may be hard to trust the Lord when you do not see your plans unfolding the way you imagined, you have to know that if you put God first He will always orchestrate the plans for your life for good.  Apply Matt. 6:33 to your life everyday:

“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL these things will be added unto you.”

During Friday night’s message, we shared an analogy about our lives being like a freight train: as long as God is the locomotive and is in the front, our train will always get to our destination on time.  Don’t allow the world and it’s ways to put God in any other position in the train or we will delay our timing to where He wants to take us.  If you want to see God’s plans unfold for our life always put Him first in every decision and plan you make and you will never be disappointed!