Consistent Communication

A strong prayer life is essential to make it through all of life’s ups and downs and to combat against whatever the enemy throws at you. (Daily devotions will also keep the fire hot.) Point #5 is from verse 12b. Be Consistent in Prayer.

Don’t complicate what this really means…it’s just you talking to your Abba Father on a daily basis.  The only way we will be able to cultivate a strong relationship with our heavenly Father is by talking to Him each and every day. The more consistent your prayer life is the stronger your relationship with the Lord will be.  When we talk to God and spend time with Him He will show us great and mighty things about our future and help keep us on the straight and narrow path to His glory.  Don’t allow the enemy to let you become slack in your prayer time with the Lord.  Make prayer and talking to God a daily part of your routine so you can find out what He has planned for you each and every day!