How Are You Building?

Day 16

“ I will show you what it’s like when someone comes to Me, listens to My teaching, and then follows it. It is like a person building a house who digs deep and lays the foundation on solid rock. When the floodwaters rise and break against that house, it stands firm because it is well built.”

– Luke 6:47-48 

If you’ve ever played the game “Jenga,” you know that when you start removing the blocks at the beginning, one missing block here and there doesn’t seem to change the stability of the tower all that much. Early in the game it seems as though you can get away with having a few blocks missing and it won’t cost you the game. But, the further you go in the game, the reinforcement that comes with those missing blocks makes the tower less and less stable. Eventually the tower reaches the point where there is just too much missing. The tower which was once solid and stable is now easily toppled, and everything falls apart. We need to be wise to the fact that our spiritual walk can be like that.

When we begin to neglect to reinforce our spirit man by reading God’s Word daily and spending quiet time with Him, at first it may not seem to affect us all that much. Or if we start missing a church or youth service, and we miss the fellowship it gives us with other believers. Or missing the messages God gives us through our pastors and leaders. At first, missing those things here and there doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. It can seem as if we’re getting away with what’s missing. But over time, the lack of reinforcement those things contribute to your spirit will leave you vulnerable to being toppled by the enemy or even your own flesh. The enemy would like nothing more than to see that happen. Make it a point to reinforce your spirit daily to keep your spiritual walk stable and secure. That way, when the enemy comes to try to topple God’s plans for your life, he’ll be the one who gets toppled, and you’ll be the one left standing.

Confession for today: “Lord, I know that it is my daily time in Your Word and in Your presence that will keep my life stable and secure. Help me to be disciplined to read Your Word, spend time with You, and to listen for Your voice to guide me. Thank you that I am Your child and that You love to spend time with me!”

Be salt and light,

Miss Dawn