Use Your Authority

Day 26

“I pursued my enemies and overtook them . . . they fell beneath my feet.”

– Psalms 18:37-38

You should never be worried about what Satan is planning to do to you. Now is the time to put Satan under your feet! Jesus has already given you everything you need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). He has given you the power to speak the Word to stop evil spirits from hindering you. The Bible even says that you can instruct angels to work on your behalf (Matthew 16:19). What’s more, you have been given the power to use the Mighty Name of Jesus! His Name will cause every knee to bow in heaven, on earth, and under the earth (Philippians 2:9 & 10).

When my parents were still alive, I was given the authority to proceed, in their name, with any decisions that needed to be made using a legal document called a ‘Power of Attorney.’ The document gave me the legal authority to decide on things for them on their behalf. Jesus gave to us the same authoritative power at the cross through His victory over death, hell and the grave! Don’t waste time worrying about Satan and his forces. By speaking God’s Word you can stop the evil spirits that try to destroy your friends, your school, and your nation. Stand up with the authority that God has given to you! Speak His Word and enforce it with the Name and the blood of Jesus!!

“His Name will cause every knee to bow in heaven, on earth, and under the earth.”

– Philippians 2:9 & 10

Say out loud, “I have the authority!” Learn how to tap into it, and before long Satan will be worrying about you!

Confession for today: “Lord, help me to use the authority that You have given to me to speak Your Word and stand on the Name and blood of Jesus! I thank You for the authority in Your name, for the power of the blood, and for the ‘Power of Attorney’ to use them against the spirits and plans of the enemy!”

P.S. I recently read an article where the writer was equating ‘our words’ to shooting a bow and arrow. Apart from one another, the bow and arrow are not dangerous. Even when the arrow is placed within the bow, or when the bow is drawn back with the arrow, still, they are not dangerous. But once the arrow is released and takes flight, you cannot get it back, nor can you stop any of the damage it may inflict. We have to be watchful over our words! Once words are released, we have either given God something to work with . . . or we have given Satan something to work with. Remember to use your words wisely!


Miss Lois

Harvest Church