Our Identity is in Christ

Day 05

We are “ . . . imprinted on His heart.”

– Psalms 136:23

Remember as you go about your day how closely you reside with your Savior. All that we do, say, and think should resonate the fact that we are imprinted on the Master’s heart. In Deuteronomy it says He watches over us with much care and concern. All that the day has in store for you, you are equipped for. Give Him thanks today! He is our closest companion and the lover of our souls, Who longs to commune with us in unbroken fellowship.

How does this scripture affect your identity?

Describe what you see in your mind’s eye when you think about being imprinted on God’s heart.

Confession for today: “Lord, help me to stay as close as Your Word says I am to you. I desire for Your love to come alive in me like never before, illuminating my path and every step I take. Let others be quickened in their spirits by a wave of Your presence as it operates in every moment of my day. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Your sister in Christ,