God Wants You Well

Day 13

“But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds –

declares the Lord.”

– Jeremiah 30:17

God wants you well! He wants you healthy and strong in every area of your life. But first, He wants you to be spiritually strong. Strong in faith, strong in His Word, and strong in His love. God also wants you to be well in your mind and to be strong and in control of your emotions. He wants you to make healthy choices that are in line with what He desires for you. He wants you to be free from worries about home, school, relationships, and activities.

Finally, God wants your body to be well. His desire is that you are free from pain, sickness, and disease. Your Heavenly Father wants you well! More than that, God needs you well. He needs you living in victory and health so that you can be a living example, teaching others how to do it. We’re living in a time when this is absolutely necessary. There is no more time for Christians to limp along, uninformed and unprepared for Satan’s attacks. We must learn how to deal with the schemes of the enemy through the AUTHORITY that God has given us!

In this day and time, life on earth is becoming more dangerous. We will have to grow in our understanding of what Jesus has done for us. We will have to grow in the “how-to’s” of living by faith in order to live in the great OVERCOMING way that God has planned for us. Jesus wants us to be healthy and strong as a living example to a world that’s filled with fear, as well as being an example of His love, kindness, and power. So commit yourself to getting well and growing strong in every area of your life today!

Confession for today: “Thank You, Lord, that You restore my body, mind, and emotions today. As I continue to press into Your Word, I will become stronger in my faith. As I do, my body and mind will fall in line. Thank You for the Authority that has been given to me by Jesus defeating Hell and the grave, and that I will use that Authority to keep Satan under my feet.”


Miss Lois