Counterfeits and Decoys (Part 2)

Day 22

“. . . to keep Satan from getting an advantage over us; for we are not ignorant of his wiles or intentions.”

– 2 Corinthians 2:11

Additional reading: Matthew 4:1-5, 6-10

Because we are God’s children, Satan tries to use the same tactics on us that he used with Jesus when tempting Him in the desert. Satan attempts to disrupt our daily walks. His tactics are meant to distract, delay, and then trap us somewhere we were never meant to be. In Matthew 4:3, Satan attempts to use Jesus’ hunger as a decoy by urging Him to turn stones into bread in order to feed Himself. But through this, Jesus shows us how to combat the attacks of the enemy, how to determine the difference between a “counterfeit” and the “real deal,” and how to stay focused and not become distracted by decoys.

Jesus shows us how to combat the attacks of the enemy.

2 Corinthians 2:11 says, “we are not ignorant to the wiles (or schemes) of the enemy.” This is because Jesus left us examples to follow for when we face circumstances. Many times, while we wait on the Lord to reveal His plan and purpose for our lives, we may face hard situations and decisions where counterfeits may appear. They may appear as opportunities, relationships, or even just an easier path to take than the one that is in front of us. But without God’s peace and confirmation, they are nothing but decoys. Decoys are meant to tempt and lure us away from our intended route so that we become trapped on a road we were never meant to travel.

Every time Satan tempted Jesus, Jesus would respond with the Word. The foundation of the Word allowed Jesus to invalidate every temptation, to stay strong, and to fulfill His purpose. Christ as our foundation in our everyday lives gives us the same strength, power, and ability to discern counterfeits and decoys! God’s Word helps us to stay focused on the predestined path which He has set before us.

…the Word allowed Jesus to invalidate every temptation…

What can you do to be more aware of counterfeits and decoys?

Stay strong and carry on,