Avoid the Scene

Day 29

“Avoid the very scenes of temptation . . . that you may exercise proper discrimination and discretion and your lips may guard and keep knowledge and the wise answer to temptation . . .  lest you give honor to others and your years to those without mercy.”

– Proverbs 5:2, 8 & 9

Take a moment to reflect on ‘scenes’ in your life. Some scenes are simply a part of our day, and we need to be in them: school, work, home, etc. Others, though, can be avoided. Where do you experience temptation? Be honest and ask the Holy Spirit to help you to really consider what ‘scenes’ are beneficial to your walk with the Lord, and which can be avoided with a different choice. When does your spirit man feel a check? The Bible tells us to not quench the Spirit. We need to listen and respond to those checks accordingly and quickly. As we read the Word daily, there is a maturation process that takes place. Hebrews tells us that as we grow in the Word, we THEN can discern good versus evil, clean versus unclean. We have the opportunity to cultivate a reservoir of knowledge for wise answers in different situations that are based on the Truth.

One more question: who is present at these avoidable scenes of temptation? Realize what you are giving them based on this passage when you succumb to ungodly actions: your honor and your years are being planted in ground that yields no mercy, and no good fruit for your future years. Take a moment to reflect on where change in this area can take place with the help of the Holy Spirit strengthening you to action.

Confession for today: “Lord, thank You that You have planned all of my days out in Your book, according to Psalm 139. I pray for clarity on where I choose to spend my time, where You have ordained me to be, and not be. Thank You for the self-discipline to make Godly choices and take Godly steps. I desire to sow my honor and my years in ground that yields mercy and fruit for my future years. In Jesus’ Name, amen.”

Your sister in Christ,