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    Harvest Church is a 501 (c)(3) organization that owns and operates the Harvest Distribution Center, which is dedicated to providing food, clothing, household items, furniture, personal care products and educational supplies to agencies that support individuals and families in need. Our vision is to strengthen families in our communities by providing lifesustaining items that stabilize households and assist transitional populations.
    Each year, almost one million pounds of products are thrown away by corporations who need to make room for new inventory, or update their product. Rather than destroy these items, many corporations take the route of environmental sustainability and donate goods to organizations like HDC.
    Our mission is to meet the compelling needs of our communities by redistributing these new or gently used items. We work with established non-profit human service agencies and increase the flow of emergency staple items to individuals and families in need.


    Our 15,000 square foot warehouse allows us to receive and store a wide range of products from retailers, manufacturers, grocery stores, private companies and personal contributions. While our organization is founded on Christian principles, we do not limit our assistance to
"faith-based” organizations.
    HDC is an extension of Harvest Church’s food pantry, which was founded in 1991. With the warehouse, we have greatly increased the amount of product that we can store and allocate to numerous government agencies, churches, food pantries, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, veterans and other outreach programs.    
    Our continual goal is to bridge the gap that separates people in need from items that can stabilize them and their families.


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Pastor Paul D. Tebbano with Assemblyman Jim Tedisco in the Harvest Distribution Center. 


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